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So you want to be a dungeon explorer! That's fine but you need to convert some minipets into dungeon minipets

You will need a Dungeon Card Converter. This will convert an eligible minipet (see below for ones that are eligible) into a pet ready to trek through dangerous dungeons! More existing minipets will be added as time goes by, as well as new ones, ready to be converted. A pet must be grown in order to be converted. They may have different stats depending on their nature!

Once you have converted a card, you can now look at all your converted dungeon explorers in your deck. Please note that converted cards need to be added to your MAIN PARTY in order to show up in the dungeon. Again, you may do so { here }!
NOTE: ONLY CONVERTED CARDS CAN THEN BE EQUIPPED TO YOUR DUNGEON DECK. Once converted, they do not need to be converted again. You will NOT lose this pet either.
Click a pet below to add it! You must grow your pets to add them to your deck! Pets have ???? base stats which are hidden until you convert them! PLEASE NOTE that converted pets are still regular pets! You can just use them in the Dungeons as a bonus!
You have no cards yet! Click here to get started! Remember that ONLY GROWN PETS CAN BE EQUIPPED
{ Show ungrown cards }