This is the Terms of Service Page


- By playing on the [This is Halloween Minipets!] site, you agree to the following terms below. Anyone caught violating terms will immediately have their account suspended until further notice. To negotiate a violation of terms, please contact the administration staff,

Suspension to the site can occur if:

- Multiple accounts are created to exploit minipet freebies/profits such as the weekly minipet giveaway, the games, the pound, and so forth
- Adopting multiples of a pound pet that clearly is marked "Please adopt one only"
- Harassing any user on site for pets or items
- Selling Special Edition minipets they have not commissioned themselves online through IRL or Gaia commisions, even when asked to do so even when they have been asked to stop by a GM. This means, you can purchase Special Edition minipets from other users who have purchased this pet through an IRL commission, but only the purchaser can resell that minipet on the site. This minipet is considered bound to user.
- Exploiting glitches for their own gain instead of reporting them.
- Ignoring a GM request, this includes ONLY messages by the administration team: chibizoo, lizbot OR Marushii
- Trading minipets/any on site currency/service AND/or items with other users for other site benefits, including real life cash, Gaia gold, other pet sites, etc.

Termination of an account can also occur if the above is repeated even with several warnings and bans.